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Since its inception in 1985, the Japan America Society of San Antonio (JASSA) leads to connect cultural and business communities in San Antonio with those in Japan through diverse grassroots exchange activities that provide all members and participants various experiences that nurture teamwork, discipline and leadership, and build up an awareness of the management of a growing organization, while, at the same time, disseminating to the world the diverse and intrinsic values of San Antonio.


Language Classes

Out of an abundance of caution, the management team of the Japan-America Society of San Antonio (JASSA) has decided it is in the best interest of all (students and instructor) to cancel the Japanese language classes for the month of March.

Assurance Note: To our knowledge, no one involved with JASSA or its classes has the Covid-19 virus.

Again, JASSA wants to err on the side of safety.

As this is a new development, a final decision has not been made for the class on April 7th, yet. As the situation develops, we will advise all staff and students. JASSA management, in consultation with the Language Chair, Ms. Kawabe, and the instructor, Mr. Pratt, will very soon be discussing options, including reimbursement for the remaining classes.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and regret not being able to continue the classes, as scheduled. Mr. Pratt says your enthusiasm in the classes has made them fun; and he thoroughly enjoyed teaching each evening. Hopefully, the virus will soon be eradicated and we can all return to normal lives and interactions.

As further information is available, we will share it with you. Please check this web-page from time to time for updates.

This goes without saying that our previously scheduled Member's meeting on Sunday, March 29th will be postponed until further notice.

Take care and best regards, JASSA Management

Pictures from the 31st Annual Japanese Speech Contest

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