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Since its inception in 1985, the Japan America Society of San Antonio (JASSA) leads to connect cultural and business communities in San Antonio with those in Japan through diverse grassroots exchange activities that provide all members and participants various experiences that nurture teamwork, discipline and leadership, and build up an awareness of the management of a growing organization, while, at the same time, disseminating to the world the diverse and intrinsic values of San Antonio.

The Gurwitz International Piano Competition Festival takes place from January 26 to Feb 2. 

With the exception of the Grand Finale Concert, all the concerts of the Competition are free. You can reserve your seat(s) at: https://musicalbridges.org/gurwitz-2020/get-tickets/

Also playing in a Festival Feature concert of Jazz piano is the Japanese performer Hiromi. This concert is January 30th sponsored by the Japan Foundation. Tickets are free, please register for them online at:


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